About Calvey Internet Solutions

I bring experience to the table to make your online presence successful and secure. Working professionally in the Unix world since 1993.

Upon leaving the US Army, I started managing a SCO system, and eventually specialized in Linux and remote access solutions. I started work in 1995 for a local ISP that later became regional as the assistant system adminstrrator, I left there as Network Operations Manager and moved on to becoming the General Manager for a regional Wireless ISP.

I then formed a consultancy with long time friend and coworker Christopher Stith, currently a Dev Ops Engineer at CPanel, named 42 Groundhogs Design, and later moved on to a Sysadmin slot at Hostgator.com, LLC. I became a senior system administrator, and was promoted to the Senior Technical Trainer and Content Management and Knowledge Base Manager Position. Additionally I was also in charge of the Employee Development Department, finding, training, and certifying personnel for the Linux Admin Department.

I specialize in high performance and high availability web servers running Apache and Nginx, and as you can see, I have worked in almost all facets of the Internet and Web Industries.

What I Can Do For You

I don’t do SEO or Advertising. If you are looking for that, you have come to the wrong place. What I DO do, is make your servers run faster, more efficiently, and securely. With my extensive background in DevOps, I have the knowledge and experience to make your sites perform to their utmost.

My goals are simple, to make you satisfied with the performance of your existing server, and to help you gain as much performance out of your existing server setup that you can. An optimized server results in more customer engagement and higher profits.